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next roadtrip, i need to get me a companion monkey

Driving solo 1020 miles each way to Bradenton, FL left me with lots of time for making observations, in between naps. Fortunately for you people, i've since forgotten the vast majority of these observations. Unfortunately for you people, i've still remembered an awful lot of them and feel compelled to share these golden nuggets with you (minus most of the baseball ones which have been relegated to the appropriate forum):

- In the eternal battle of cat and mouse between cop and speeder, he who sleeps is lost. Damn cat.

- Adam Hyzdu Bobblehead Doll is not a very competent co-pilot (see previous comment)...but his head bobbles, so i forgive him.

- Bobble. Bobble. Bobble.

- Driving for 14 hrs. consecutively makes my Boehringer hurt.

- The game of "Slug Bug" is substantially less fun when played as solitaire.

- 1020 is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, & 17, but not 7, 8, 9, 11, or 13.

- Though through no lack of trying, the ubiquitous Xian programming found on Deep South radio stations failed to convert me to their religion. The similarly ubiquitous Clear Channel programming likewise failed to convert me to whatever the religion they're proselytizing happens to be.


- The baseball spectating experience is greatly enhanced from a dearth of high-decibel inquiries as to who is responsible for letting the dogs out.

- When speeding, having someone run interference ahead of you is a good thing. Having more than one car run interference is even better, so that if, say, the lead car of your convoy gets picked off by The Man, there's no need to slow down since you'll still have someone ahead running interference.

- The only one who could ever reach me, was the son of a preacher man.

- Most songs are not improved by my singing along with them.

- Assistant General Managers to Major League baseball teams can be a might touchy when you disagree with their overall player evaluation philosophy while seated directly behind them.

- Being parking enabled grants you some pretty nifty perks. Befriending the parking enabled grants you many of those perks without suffering the unfortunate downsides of parking enabledom.

- Just because a man is in a wheelchair and has difficulty speaking doesn't mean that you should talk to him like he's an idiot, Mr. Usher.


- The speedometer on my car runs 4-5% too fast (@ 60-80 MPH).

- I need a girlfriend.

- A combined Arby's/gas station/casino is wonderful synergy, but i can't help but think that it'd be improved by the addition of some LIVE NUDE GIRLS.

- GOLD BUG! Ouch...

- I need to pee.

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