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How Am I Different?

I just purchased what i think is my 200th CD today1. I've never let my CD collection grow this large before, since there would always be some CDs i no longer listened to. This was easy to remedy because Wherehouse Music runs a trade in five used CDs for one new one deal on Tuesdays. Whenever there's a CD that i need that i can't find used by an artist not carried by Columbia House or BMG (e.g. Sonia Dada, Sleater-Kinney, Aimee Mann), i unload 5 of those unlistened to CDs. They'd accept almost any CD in the trade and it's much less hassle than selling them individually.

Unfortunately, i learned today that almost all of the Wherehouse Music's in Houston are closing, including the ones remotely conveniently located to me. This means that i can either sell these unwanted CDs for pennies or i can try to find somebody that actually wants DMB's Before These Crowded Streets. Gah.

In other news, reffing basketball at the Special Olympics was, as always, awesome. Sadly, unlike past years, i didn't get any great stories from it. The closest was an autistic kid, Andrew, who announced the entire game, both while on the bench and on the court. He sounded like a cross between Howard Cosell and Marv Albert. Andrew always referred to Andrew in the third person: "Andrew has scored 20 of his team's 32 points here in this gold medal match...only on NBC."

Aside from that, there were no fatalities and i got a bunch of hugs, so i'd call it a successful Olympics.

1 Bachelor No. 2 - Aimee Mann
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