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Haulin' Liquid Chicken

Some random person added my punkalicia3275 account as a friend, despite it only having one journal entry. Granted, it is an entry about monkeys. This amuses me.

Switching subjects, when i tried recording Angélique Kidjo's Iwoya MP3 to MiniDisc, i got absolutely no signal from my "USB Digital PCLink." This was odd, as i've never had that problem recording any other song. I figured it might be due to some sort of copy protection since i had downloaded the MP3 from her website some time ago. However, i had no problem burning Iwoya to CD, which i then used to record to MiniDisc. Weird.

Any MP3 experts have any ideas on why i couldn't get sound through my USB port for this particular song?

Edited to add: I'd be happy to e-mail this MP3 to anyone for reverse engineering or listening purposes...
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