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you, too, can get a book published

So, Same Old Bill went off and wrote himself a book, Involvement in Pro-Life Ministries. Obviously, one of us escorts had to get a copy, but none of us did so until i finally broke down and ordered it this weekend. Because i'm a lover of fine literature.

I talked to SOB about the book on Saturday and learned that, surprisingly, he had only sold 16 copies of during the four months since it's been released. Also, no one had ordered it from internet yet, rather all sales were made by SOB personally...the buyers unable to resist taking pity on this pathetic troll-man...or at least bought it to make him go away. After learning this, i faux-sympathized that the weak sales must be disappointing, considering the months he spent writing about his life's work. SOB responded dejectedly, "Years. The book took years to write."

The book is 86 pages.

SOB informed me that he didn't write about my and PP's roll in Chandra Levy's death/murder since he "didn't want to interfere with the FBI's investigation." He declared his intent to add that story to his next edition of the book. Yes, he's writing a 2nd edition of his book.

I'm curious what he's going to say about me, well, since i'm a fame-whore. It should also be interesting what he calls me, since this distended polyp upon humanity's colon still doesn't know my name...despite the fact that his fellow protestors have run my license plate and the fact that he's been in court with me listed as a witness. In case i haven't been clear, SOB is not bright.

Anyway, you can rest assured that there will be a book review in this space.
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