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The continuing adventure

The next section of the book is titled: "Pro Life Scriptures." This is relatively unremarkable. For example, take this excerpt:
"You shall not murder". Exodus 20:13

As you can read in Exodus 20:13 we are not suppose to murder but abortion on demand is rampant in the United States. The U.S. Government bureaucracy and Judicial branch is controlled by the Democratic Party which is continuing to promote the "Culture of Death" in which they are promoting baby killing thru the guise of "Pro Choice". What about the child's choice?
If this was anyone other than SOB, i would snark away on that, but since it is SOB, i know there will be better passages to come. For instance, here are the next two:
Assumed Name (AN) or Doing Business As (DBA)

If you are starting a ministry it's important to get an Assumed Name (AN) or a DBA known as "Doing Business As" in which you can get at your courthouse. [I'm not sure what SOB's deal with the word "which" is...perhaps he thinks it's just a fancier version of "that"...]

SS - 40 Application filing with IRS.

If you are starting a ministry it's important to fill this out even though the IRS is a godless institution in which our Founding Fathers never put into the U. S. Constitution.
As a little background, IPLM and/or SOB was audited a couple years ago and since SOB isn't exactly the most meticulous fellow, i imagine that they ripped him a new one...assuming you can rip a new one into someone who's all asshole already. I expect/hope there will be a section in the book on the audit, especially since he accused the PP escorts of sending the IRS after him in the first place.

The next section i'll review is on "Sidewalk Counseling," but it's so juicy i think it deserves its own post either later today or tomorrow.

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