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It's important to document your own murder

Thusly encouraged, i carry on. It turns out you, too, can sport IPLM fashions:
"Involvement in Pro - Life Ministries" gives out our newsletter for a two dollar donation, the bumper sticker for a three dollar donation and an Involvement in Pro - Life Ministries T - shirt for a $20 donation. This is a way to support your lay Pro Life Ministry. Please check out if you need a permit on collecting donations and of course the FIRST AMENDMENT gives one the right to ".....petition the government for a redress of grievances.".
The next section on prayer isn't particularly exciting, though he claims that "125 mothers die from safe-legal-abortions everyday." I do enjoy the subsequent part because i'm an evil bastard:
Document, document, document.

What will happen when you start your lay Pro Life Ministry is that the Death camp workers are going to be giving you a hard time which will vary from them cussing at you, baring false witness against, calling the police, making homosexual advances toward you, murdering you to name a few. [You wouldn't believe the number of times we've murdered SOB.] Please document these events and share them with your Congressman, Senator, the President, the FBI, your local police, Internal Affairs of your local police; Religious Liberty Organizations such as the Rutherford Institute, the ACLJ, the AAPL & Pro Life Attorneys; and Media outlets of Radio, TV, and print newspaper. [I would love to see the file these people have on SOB.]

Write Letters to your Congressman, your Senator, and your President.

We must continue to fight for the unborn by writing letters to our Congressman, Senators and the President. The current Pro Life issues as of July 20, 2002 is that we get Pro Life Supreme Court Justices; Pro Life Federal Judicial nominees; pass a prohibition on Partial Birth Abortions; Stop the money flow to Planned Parenthood which received $1.99 Billion dollars of our tax money every year; Make the call to indict, convict, sentence and put in prison William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Al Gore, and Janet Reno in which they have murdered Vince Foster, murdered 80 men, women & children of the Branch Davidians, filegate, giving missile technology to the Communist Chinese, and other scandals and evil doings.
I did finally learn where SOB got his "$1.99 Billion dollars" figure. STOPP published this chart showing the cumulative amount of taxpayer money PP has received from 1987-2000, which SOB includes as Exhibit 13 in the back of the book. He misinterpreted it to mean that PP gets that amount annually. You see, that's how PP's Butchers can afford their fancy has nothing to do with money earned from their independent OB/GYN practices.

The rest of Part 1 is devoid of the high levels of unintentional comedy that we've come to expect from SOB, so i'll end now and get to "Part 2: A ministry moment," either Sunday or Monday.
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