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I am full of Satan (and Handi-Snacks Cheez'n Crackers)

So, Part 1 of the book was just over six pages. "Part 2: A ministry moment," is only 2-and-a-half pages. As a reminder, there are only five parts and the book took years, not months, for him to write. Anyway, this part tells about how "On April 25, 1998 Saturday, we saved a precious life." The "we" in this case is Raul, a humongous asshole who specializes in Hispanic clients. Raul's favorite trick is that while the Hispanic clients are walking by, he'll tell them, in Spanish, that they dropped something. The clients will stop and look, which gives Raul the opportunity to harangue the no longer walking patients. His other trick is to dress up in all black, stand in the street, and stop cars as they're enter our parking lot. Dressed in all black, some of our patients think that he's a police officer so they stop and roll down their windows. Raul then rushes up and yells at them not to kill their baby and that "Planned Parenthood is the McDonald's of the abortion industry." He doesn't do this as often anymore, because the police have repeatedly warned him that it's illegal. Finally, Raul usually ignores our non-Hispanic clients. As i said, humongous asshole.

Anyway, this ministry moment occurred about a month before i started escorting, so i can't tell how accurate or inaccurate SOB is in describing it. Since you have a handle on the way SOB writes by now, i'm just going to pull some of the better quotes:

- "...after IPLM's campaign to picket the "evil slickster" (Known to some as President Clinton)..."

- "I observed a Hispanic mother & daughter coming out of the death camp parking lot heading for the death camp as I stretched out my arm with a flyer in my hand in an effort to save the life of the baby and perhaps it's mother." SOB then explains the flyer using the exact same words he used in "Part 1."

- "The mother took the flyer and crossed the street and another Pro Life Warrior [Raul] filled with the Holy Spirit came and started talking with the mother in Spanish. I observed a white male deathscort full of Satan come and place his body in front of the Pro Life Warrior and trampled on this man's FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS & RELIGIOUS LIBERTY. I stated to the deathscort that you have to allow this man's effort to sidewalk counsel and by you getting between the mother and the sidewalk counselor you are trampling on this man's FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS, RELIGIOUS LIBERTY..."

- "The deathscort wired with sophisticated communication system [2-way radios that you can get at any electronics store.] (paid for with our tax dollars in which Planned Parenthood gets $700 million dollars of our tax money in 1998 and according to Dr. James Dobson of "Focus on the Family" the Hood gets close to $900 million dollars of our tax money every year in 1998 [I'm afraid there's no elaboration on how many years there were in 1998.]) called the death camp guard."

- "I stated to the death camp guard that forced abortions [The constable was leading the clients into the clinic.] are legal in mainland China but not in America as he yelled out profanities toward me. [Doubtful.] I stated that the Lord gave me ears not garbage cans and that him yelling out profanities are anti-climatic sins compared to the sin of aiding and abetting in the murder of unborn children and their mothers. [We live in Houston, so i'm personally for anything that's "anti-climatic" since it's too fucking hot here.]"

- "The death camp guard went back into the abortuary to recharge his evil and wicked batteries."

- "...the death camp workers go absolutely crazy [Hee, irony.] in which they bring out their camera's and their hired guns who wallow in the Hood's blood money." After this, SOB randomly goes off on an aside about how the "slickster" is definitely the "Antichrist," putting both words into quotes.

- "I began to pray again as the forces of good (Pro Lifer's) and evil (Death camp workers) were raging in battle. The flow of $700 million dollars of our hard earned tax dollars must stop going to the Hood. I continued praying as one of the deathscort's came out with a camera and stood in front of the ministry's pro life signs so as to block it's message from the public. [SOB puts up 15-20 signs along the sidewalks around the clinic. Whenever anyone stands in front of them, he throws a hissyfit about his "FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT," since then the cars driving past at 40 MPH won't be able to read them all.]"

- "Raul came back and Raul verbally confirmed that the mother chose life for her and her baby. A life saved. The adventure continues............."

Please note that even though SOB advertises this as a "ministry moment" that the ministry didn't do jackshit for it was Raul that convinced the clients to leave. Also note that he earlier claimed, "As of July 20, 2002 over 3000 people (Unborn Children & Mothers) have been saved from the jaws of abortion." This means that out the 1500+ purported cases of IPLM saving precious unborn babies, this was the best he could come up with.

I'll finish up Part 2, which concludes with a love letter to Raul, soon.

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