May 6th, 2003

I disturb even me

We have actual paragraphs now:

The continuation of yesterday's entry...Collapse )

The entire section ends right there and i must confess to being a bit confused. On the surface, this book is about how one can start one's own pro-life ministry and the travails one might expect if he's like SOB. However on this superficial level, i don't understand this section's lack of conclusion. Ignoring the facade of a sincere pro-life how-to-book, i understand that in postmodern works such as this the denouement is often left to the reader's imagination. Did SOB convert all the prisoners to Catholicism...including Rocco, the serial killer with a heart of gold who, after a vigorous session of going the wrong way up SOB's Hershey highway, learned to love Jesus even more than such corporeal pleasures?

But why not tell us that? What is its omission telling us?

Hopefully, one of you people paid attention in English class and can illuminate me.
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