May 9th, 2003

health, mental

I don't have time to do one of my comprehensive analyses of Mr. Burban today, so you people will have to wait until Monday. I do want to get the next small section out of the way, in which SOB claims he saw a forced abortion at PP. You see, the client was upset going into the clinic, so clearly she was being forced into the decision. It's not like she chose abortion but was still upset about it and/or the protestors, because most people who come in for an abortion are happy-go-lucky.


Anyway, SOB called the police and they hadn't appeared. This yielded one of the best sentences, yet:
8:45AM there was no HPD Unit in sight and that the "Four pillars of evil" that are entrenched in the foundation of the City of Houston was going to raise it's ugly heads. I collected the ministry signs and left the area at approximately 9AM with no HPD unit in sight. The evilness continues........
Don't worry, he expounds on the "Four pillars of evil" three pages later, even though this is their first mention.

The reason i had to get that out of the way is that the next section he discusses an assault for which i was actually present. He goes on about it and the corresponding trials for over five pages, opening with a single three-page paragraph. It will be fun to see the view from SOB's universe and compare it to what a relatively sane man (i.e. me) saw.
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