August 11th, 2003

I mainly escort to get good stories

I (allegedly) pushed yet another little girl while escorting this past Saturday, cuz i'm a bad, bad man. I escorted a couple clients along the sidewalk and Sherri (one of those Aggies) continually attempted to interpose herself between me and them without success. The clients showed no interest in her or her anti-abortion paraphernalia. Part of that may be because i'm pretty certain Sherri was a Finalist in the Shrillest Harpy Pageant. Anyway, as we approached the driveway, Sherri sidled in front of all of us, standing at the gate/property line about 2 feet away from the brick post there, thereby blocking the direct route to the clinic. Before any contact, I clearly told Sherri twice that she was blocking the way. She failed to move. It is her responsibility to move since she's not allowed to block access to the clinic. With my arms at my sides, i walked in a straight path towards the door, making contact front-to-front with Sherri. As it was fucking hot out, her sweat intermingled with my sweat. IOW, we exchanged bodily fluids.


She didn't take too kindly to the contact and yelled at me not to push her. I explained that she couldn't block access to the clinic and that she needed to get out of the way. As the clients entered the clinic, Sherri and all the other protestors got into a tizzy about me assaulting Sherri, multiple males saying things like: "Why are you pushing girls? (Sherri's 23 or 24.) Why don't you push a man like me?" After the Sherri incident, as I proceeded down the sidewalk towards the a parking lot, one of the Baptists stood astride two-thirds of the sidewalk with his 5' poster of the decapitated head of a stillborn fetus. As i walked by, he threw out his elbow and (possibly) his hip and pushed me a little bit. Basically, he was challenging us to do anything about it. Deathscort Steve, the Head of PP Security, saw the entirety of the Sherri aftermath and explained the situation to the police, who are now on site constantly on Saturdays since they were being called every other week, anyway.

Fortunately, the protestors videotaped me allegedly extending my arms to assault Sherri. The tape didn't show this since, well, i didn't do it. Even the officer who was a member of the Knights of Columbus said i was totally in the right. Statements were taken, an incident report was written, and we all went on our merry way.

In other news, SOB found the serial review of his book that i did in my journal (starting April 23 for those unaware). He brought printouts of it last week and showed it to the other protestors. Man did he look despondent because some Satanic fiend could possibly actually find humor in his book. He still thinks the someone at PP is responsible for Trafford no longer carrying Involvement in Pro-Life Ministries. Heh.

I wonder if he knows my name now?
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