August 25th, 2003

It is important to exfoliate your monkey

I reckon i owe you people some sort of report from my New York trip. The problem is that most of the events were TWoP or TARCon specific. I don't want to bore you with specifics of about a party and TV show you know nothing about. If you are interested in seeing my pictures from said party, they begin here.

Now, the first picture is of a velvet hammer that i made by covering a rubber mallet in purple velvet. I did this based on a running joke on the The Amazing Race forum at TWoP that the moderator, Miss Alli, wields a velvet hammer that she uses to smite poorly behaving posters. I figured that since some of these posters were going to be at TARCon, she'd need a velvet hammer for bonking them there. For example, you can see the hammer in action here as Miss Alli hammers Kevin, a racer from the first season of TAR.

Aside from meeting the wonderful Miss Alli, i also got to meet the splendid Sars from the sublimely funny Tomato Nation and all the other TWoP admins. It was a little disconcerting that Sars remembered me from the Personals thread at TWoP (they think i'm funny there for some reason), but i like being remembered, so it was all good.

The party kicked not a small amount of ass. I ended up wearing a Goats t-shirt and having people erroneously think that i was a fan of Team Who (David & Jeff from 'The Amazing Race' aka "The Goats" due to their unfortunate facial hair), when i was actually a fan of being as blasphemous as possible. The party kicked so much ass, in fact, that if there's a TARCon5, i'd seriously consider going even without the Free Flight Voucher that made the trip relatively inexpensive...

The next day we did SephoraCon at 8:30 in the bleeding morning. For 25 bucks, we got a $25 gift card, a goody bag, a compact mirror, and a free facial and/or makeover. Being dedicated and liking the male-to-female ratio, i went and had a facial. It tingled a little, but otherwise i felt and looked the same before and after. This was much better than what they did to the females, many of whom got tarted up with way too much purple eye shadow and the like. I donated my $25 gift card to the party organizers, as there was nothing there i particularly wanted and they wanted us to spend the card that day.

From the LJ world, i had a fun dinner at Pizzeria Uno on Wednesday night with wendigo and kikithebad. It's sad that i had to go to New York for Chicago-style pizza, but they closed their Houston location a few years ago and Uno's is my favorite pizza. We didn't hang together too late, as i was obscenely tired from having woken up at 4:30 that morning and not being able to sleep on airplanes.

I went to the Bronx Zoo on Saturday to see me some monkeys with the lovely sanguine37, the charming bodylotion, and the something bightchee. For whatever reason, they didn't have a slow loris like they did last time. This made me sad. What also made me sad is that i'm a dumbass and left my digital camera on the Skyfari and by the time my car had made one round trip, someone had found and returned my camera case sans camera. Oops. Several pictures of the trip may be viewed, anyway, in Rhett's journal, including a picture of me as a pretty butterfly. For some reason, Rhett's countless pictures of squirrels didn't make it to his journal...probably because they're being saved for personal use.
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