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sunscreen would've been a good idea

Continuing on the motif of mental deficiency, i volunteered for the Special Olympics tennis tournament this past Saturday afternoon. It was the first time i've done anything for the SO aside from ref basketball. It wasn't quite as wonderful as basketball -- in part because basketball is air-conditioned and i got fewer unsolicited hugs with tennis - but i still had a fine time. The best story came from this game where a girl, Maria, didn't get a single serve in. They played one set matches, so that was a lot of serves (16 double faults -> 32 serves...not counting the 35% of serves that she whiffed completely on that i didn't count). Anyway, during the third or fourth game, she was ready to quit and started whining, "Where's my trophy? I want my trophy." I stopped the game and went over to her and said that if she didn't try hard that she didn't deserve a trophy and i was keeping it.

"No! It's my trophy!" argued Maria.

"Only winners get trophies, so i'm going to keep it unless you try." Soon after that, she successfully returned her only serve of the game. Her opponent didn't even move for the ball, she was so shocked. That was cool.

Aside from that, nothing anecdote-worthy happened. Sadly, i didn't get to do any of Andrew's matches, but i did get to listen to him announce his own game: "Andrew is leading two games to none, here in this gold medal match...only on NBC." I love that.

I'm doing the SO Spring Games next Sunday, so hopefully i'll get more special hugs then.
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