March 8th, 2004

Damn protestors have been boring lately

I refereed basketball for the Special Olympics this weekend and had a truly absurd amount of fun doing so. Granted, i greatly overstepped my duties as official while doing so. I had lower-level games, so there were several players who weren't actively participating in the game...either just standing around, wandering aimlessly, or, in one case, fleeing the court at the slightest provocation. I forced these people to participate, either by making them throw the ball in from out of bounce or by setting up plays so they could shoot the ball.

One guy, Tim, stood around the whole game, cheering whenever someone would make a basket...usually the other team. When his team had to inbound the ball under his basket, i got him to stand near it, told the inbounder to throw the ball to him, and he actually made the basket and got to cheer for himself. The crowd went nuts.

I wasn't as successful when i tried that for other players. Heidi was one of the players i made inbound the ball. I asked her if she wanted to shoot the ball and she vigorously nodded yes. I setup a play similar to the above and she took the ball and bounce passed it in the general direction of the basket. Talking to her mom afterwards, i learned that she doesn't shoot the ball. Oops. She enjoyed it, so i guess that's what matters.

If any of you ever have the opportunity to do something with the Special Olympics, i strongly recommend you take it. I was thanked repeatedly for volunteering this weekend, but i felt i really should thank them for all the warm fuzzies they gave me.
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