April 5th, 2004

I'm a little sunburned...wee

I went ahead and signed up for a bunch of other chat programs. I've been using MSN Messenger for 8.5 months now, but i signed up for the others while at the computer this weekend. It looks like i'll be keeping MSN and AIM (luvrhino37) open whenever i'm home, unless there's a request for me to use one of the other programs. You can look at my User Info for all my handles. If any of you people use such programs, lemme know so i can add you to my list of contacts and harass you there.

Of course, i can still call all you people if you'd like to hear my melodious, dulcet voice.

In other news, the lovely Miss erinbish is probably staying at the Chateau de Ken on Friday night, since she'll be passing through Houston. She also wants to join me early Saturday morning to kill babies because she's weird. Anyway, if any of you ever want to stay at the acclaimed Chateau de Ken, just let me know. You don't even have to kill babies with me to do so.
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