May 28th, 2004

non-drowsy, my ass

As you may know, the right-half of my brain doesn't really work. As such, the walls of my townhouse are rather bare, even though i've lived there for 20+ months. For a long time, the only thing hanging from my wall was a dartboard. After Monique moved in, i finally got around to hanging one of SOB's signs that was already framed for me. It came from this. At a later point in time, one of the escorts fished the signs from the sewer. The "Many mom's have died from safe legal abortion" sign was tragically destroyed. The other sign -- a sworn statement from a fellow protestor about stealing his signs...a meta-sign, if you will -- was given as a welcome back gift to a regular escort who was on vacation that day. In turn, she had it framed and regifted it to me as a housewarming gift. It took me 9 months to hang.

Last night, i finally got around to framing and hanging the original of my comic debut and a piece one of my friends made and framed for me. Until then, the only thing on display in my house that was originally intended to be art was my statue. You may notice a recurring theme of me being lazy.

Anyway, i've always liked a lot of M. C. Escher's stuff, since it's art that can be appreciated using only the left-half of one's brain. Reading Gödel, Escher, Bach has inspired me to go forward and buy 3 Escher prints. Convex and Concave is my favorite, i think. I'll probably get Relativity. I'm not sure what the third will be, but i'm open to suggestions. I imagine it should be one without staircases, but also one that i could appreciate for a long period of time. Take a look in the Gallery and lemme know.
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