June 14th, 2004

vomiting Christ

On Saturday, i finished Neal Stephenson's The Confusion, which was exceptional. It's the second book in The Baroque Cycle and i liked it even more than the first, Quicksilver. The Baroque Cycle is a continuous story, so read Quicksilver first...and you should read it. Cryptonomicon remains my favorite Stephenson novel...one of my very favorites from any author. Regardless, at 815 pages, i didn't find The Confusion to be nearly long enough. Who would have guessed i like things verbose?

SOB hasn't been at PP for almost 3 months and this weekend we found out why. According to Sherri, he was in the hospital and is now at home convalescing. No word on what he was in the hospital for. Maybe it was for a lobotomy, though he seems to have had one too many of those already...

For the past 10 days, i've been totally addicted to the song You Dance by the Appalachian-flavored folk-rock group eastmountainsouth. The first time i listened to it i thought it was good, but nothing that special. On repeated hearings, i found myself liking it more and more. Anyway, you can hear it for yourself at their website. The rest of their CD is good, but not nearly as good as You Dance. I'd like to think i've matured past the point where i'll listen to the same song on repeat for 15 minutes, but apparently i haven't.
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