June 17th, 2004

Eating breakfast feels weird

Wee, i'm in the middle of a webconference, so i have time to write at you people. Speaking of work, while i agree that choosing the person that had shitty documentation was the right person to fir..."redeploy," it does make it more difficult for someone (e.g. me) to try to figure out what the hell his code was attempting to do. That software package has documentation that hasn't been updated since 2/96, with many references to E/ISA and directs users to go to someone for support who hasn't been with the group since i started (May '97). Wee, again.

In case you couldn't guess, someone from my group was "assigned to redeployment" almost 5 weeks ago. Because he was "assigned to redeployment" as opposed to outright fired, he was given use of his office for 5 weeks to try to find another position with my company. He's come here everyday for those 5 weeks...for at least 7 hours a day. I have no idea if that means he hasn't told his wife or what. This makes things a bit awkward, because he seems like a ghost and a dead guy in our midst. It has to be even more awkward for the Management that "redeployed" him.

According to the e-mail announcement, Management was forced to redeploy someone:
As you are aware, [my company] faces ongoing efforts to align our business and enhance competitiveness. As a result of these efforts [my group] has realigned our business based on job competencies and job criticality. Unfortunately, one of the results of this realignment is that [ghost’s] position was impacted today and he has been assigned to redeployment.
We've been told that there are no other "restructuring plans" in the works, but we already were understaffed, so i'm not sure how much credence i should place in that. Point being, i have to look like i'm competent for awhile, which means less putzing around on the internet.
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