June 18th, 2004

Giving blood makes me sleepy

Turns out, i may not need to look all that more competent than is my norm. They're replacing my regular work computer, even though i've told The Powers That Be that my current one (1.7 GHz Pentium IV) was fine. However, they wanted a new unit to replace the designated CD Burner unit in our lab as it doesn't have Serial ATA and sometimes the CD burning is too fast for it. Thus, my current unit will be the new CD Burner and i get a new one.

Currently, i'm setting up my new notebook, which is used for debugging in labs and whatnot. I bricked my old notebook somehow, for it no longer would turn on, even after i replaced the power supply. The new one has a 60 GB hard drive, which is going to feel luxurious after the 6 GB one on my old one. Other features of the new notebook are nice (e.g. size, speed, etc.), but i think it's the hard drive capacity i'm going to appreciate the most. No, i didn't intentionally destroy my old notebook...though i probably should have.

The best part of all this from my standpoint is that a few other people have the same desktop as my current one, yet they're upgrading mine. I'm assuming that means they don't plan on "redeploying" me within the next month.
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