August 16th, 2004

Money, not so easy

One of my fellow escorts, Neal, was arrested for a Class C Misdemeanor Assault on Saturday.

It's not nearly as exciting as it sounds. Both a protestor, Helen, and Neal were trying to talk to a woman as she was entering one of our parking lots. Since driver's windows aren't especially wide, Neal apparently brushed up against Helen while talking to the lady. Helen called the police, who had to remind Neal what allegedly happened (since he didn't remember since it was so minor). I didn't see the malicious brushing, since i was elsewhere at the time.

They decided to file a Class C Misdemeanor Assault charge against him. Usually, that just involves writing a ticket, but, for some reason, they decided to arrest Neal and bring him to the lockup. Neal seemed amused by the whole thing. He had been arrested at least once before...for publicly kissing another man during the 60's.

Schnookims was likewise amused. He spent some time singing to me that someday "my time will come" and that i'll be arrested, too. I'm not concerned.

I don't have anything else exciting to report. I got lucky in poker yesterday. I played a one table "Sit-and-Go" tournament as was down to 5 chips with the other 3 players having more than 1500 (10 players, each start with 800 chips). Payouts are to the Top 3, so surviving to be 3rd was my (farfetched) goal. I went all-in the next 3 hands. I was forced to as i was blind the last two of those hands. I got AK, 10-10, and then 10-8. Those first two are really good hands. The last one not-so-much, but i got a little lucky and beat superior starting hands. Anyway, i tripled my stake 3 straight times as people tried to take me out. With 135 chips (still far less than others), i folded then i bluffed away next hand to steal the blinds (50 and 25 at that time). I somehow weaseled all this to over 5000 chips, before i ran into some bad reads and bad luck. I ended up 2nd, which is much better than i thought i'd do when i had only 5 or even 210 chips.

So, yeah, i have poker stories, but i don't want to bore you people with them. I need to get a life.
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