December 20th, 2004

Sure am glad i spent a few thousand dollars on LASIK in January....

All things considered, i'm extremely lucky. I'm home now after some truly interesting days in the hospital. I'm in remarkably good shape, suffering only from moderate equilibrium and vision issues. However, these visions issues (slight double vision and sensitivity to light) preclude me from using the computer except for only the shortest bursts. Thus, i am unable to provide you the updates you deserve. I have many tales of interest to tell you once my health allows. In the unlikely event that something tragic happens to me, tooaquarius will be informed and presumably mention it in her journal.

If any of you want to call, i'd be happy to e-mail you my phone number. Otherwise, i fear there will be little communication in this space until my vision improves.

I suspect that most of you understand.
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    The Trouble You Bring - Catie Curtis