April 5th, 2005

Vote luvrhino for Pope

I done got myself pulled over for littering last Friday:

Cop: Do you know why i pulled you over?

Me: Cuz i threw a Cheerios breakfast bar at a homeless person?

Cop: Oh, is that what it was?

Me [showing my stash of snacks for street set]: Yessir.

Cop: All right. Um, next time hand try handing it to them instead?

Basically, it was a drive-by fooding as my urban outdoorsman target was on the opposite side of the intersection and i had cars behind me. Anyway, i was mainly impressed that he pulled someone over for littering, as i've never seen that. In retrospect, i should have asked for his name and badge number to write a letter praising him for the effort.

In other news, i now have a goatee. Since the hospital, i've attempted to maintain a beard, despite having any general distaste for facial hair. The reason i kept it is that my two closest female friends, who also happen to have a general distaste for facial fuzz, really liked it and insisted that i keep my beard or they'd hurt me. Sadly, even i had to admit that the beard was an improvement as it cured the visual disconnect of receding, thinning hair paired with a boyish looking face.

Unfortunately, i had no real clue on how to maintain the beard. I purchased a beard clipper for the beard itself, but in order to look well-groomed (or something), i used a straight razor to shave my cheeks and lower neck, stopping my stroke as soon as i hit resistance. Each time i did this, however, i'd take away part of the beard i wanted to keep, causing the upper line of my beard to keep getting lower and lower, if that makes sense.

Friday night, i noticed that this low beard looked rather goofy, so i went with the goatee, even though one of those aforementioned female friends explicitly forbid one. Fortunately, she lives in Mexico City, so i'm safe from her demanding clutches for now.

I didn't really know what i was doing, having to rush down to my computer mid-shave to Google-image search for goatees, but i think it came out okay. Definitely less itchy than the beard when sleeping on a side of my face. Also, much less sandy when i faceplant playing beach volleyball.

The early returns are mixed. Two separate people said that it made me look like a WWF wrestler...one negatively, one positively. Sadly, they actually meant a WWE wrestler, because being a WWF wrester would be much cooler...body slamming pandas, koalas, endangered lemurs, etc.

Finally, have any of you people watched the Extra Disc that comes with the Invader ZIM Home Box Complete Set?

I already own the other 3 ZIM Volumes, but they're selling the Box, Extra Disc, and "Grr figurine" separately. Just wondering if it's worth it...which i suspect it is.
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