June 12th, 2006

Good thing i have vacation time

More poker babble.

Saturday night, i won another World Series of Poker preliminary event satellite. This one gives me a $1500 that i can apply to the WSoP event of my choice plus $500 cash for expenses.

What was especially cool (to me) is that i opened a Full Tilt Poker account specifically because they were the only casino i knew that had Limit qualifying tourneys. Saturday was the first Limit satellite that they held since i joined and i won it. Put up $26 and defeated 106 other players to claim the one seat, neatly justifying my reasons for opening the account in the first place. As an unexpected bonus, i've been unsustainably profitable in their regular cash ring games after almost 40 hours of play.

Anyway, i now have to decide what i'm going to use my extra entry on. Right now, i'm most likely to enter the $1.5K Limit Event from 6/29 to 7/1. I can then enter an Orleans Open Limit Event on July 2-3; possibly go to Los Angeles to visit Ms. punkalicia for a BBQ wedding celebration on the 4th; get back in time for the other $1.5K Limit Event on the 6th to 8th; and finally putz around until flying back on July 11. There's a slight possibility i might weasel another $1.5K entry out of Full Tilt, in which case i'd probably apply both towards the $3K Limit July 15-17.

I think i'm 0-for-7 trying to qualify for the WSoP Main Event, with three 6th place finishes. I'm not sure that this is the wisest investment, but entering the Main Event at least opens the possibility of a life-changing payoff.

FYI, i'm again going to reserve a room with 2 queen beds, so if anyone (i like) wants a free place to sleep in Vegas while i'm there, lemme know.

In other news, i had no trouble sleeping after my win on Saturday night, so i felt less like a dork than last time.
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