June 30th, 2006

Why am i not sleeping?

I survived Day 1 of the WSoP $1500 Limit Holdem Event #4. We’re down to 69 of 1068 players, so i'm in the money. I only have 13,500 chips after pissing away several thousand on an open-ended straight draw on the bubble. Average stack is 23,200 or so with the chip leader having 65,000. Right now i'm gauranteed $2916 and will get another $700 or so if i last past 5 more people, i think. However, i'd like to try to win much more than that, so i may wind up taking a risk and get knocked out 65th and have to settle for $2916. Ah well.

It starts back up 2 pm Pacific Time. G'night, people.
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I'm a loser.

I got busted on my 10th hand today and ended up in 61st place. For those that want details, you can click here about my pocket AA being no good.

The good news is that because it took 10 hands for this to happen, i moved up a money level and took home $3645.

Must go find some puppies to kick, now.
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