November 12th, 2006


Could one of you people please explain to me what the meaning of this supravehicular display from Planned Parenthood yesterday morning:

In case you can't tell, it's two stuffed bears sitting at a Playskool-ish table and chairs. The larger of the two bears is facing away from the table, while the smaller bear is turned 90 degrees facing the street. The red markings on the chest of Ursa Minor is a Valentine's Day-style heart.

My initial interpretation was that it was meant as a Public Service Announcement, warning onlookers not to play tea party on top of a moving vehicle. However, the only thing on the table is a purse. Moreover, that ignores the orientation of the bears, who clearly -- from their ruffled fur and truculent countenance -- are in the middle of a tempestuous argument.

I'm unable to decipher the relationship of the bears. Are they man and wife? Mother and child? Mother and outward manifestation of the embryo/fetus? Also, what might the purse symbolize?

I'm at a loss. The artist of the piece possesses multiple post-graduate degrees from Stanford and Ivy League schools, though you'd never know it talking to the guy. Partly, that's because of his habit of patronizingly talking to everyone (especially teenagers and Hispanics) as though they're 6-year-olds. Moreover, it appears that the passion of his beliefs often overwhelm any faculty for language he may possess. The other protestors do try to avoid him, which the exception of Acid-Wash Guy from last week.

This was the Saturday he's displayed his artwork. I'm intrigued by what might happen if we decode this puzzle. Will more puzzles follow? Will there be a prize? So many possibilities...
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