July 2nd, 2008

Happy Little Round Top Day!

I just received word from the Physician's Assistant that i survived my surgery. I kinda suspected that i had given that they let me leave the clinic yesterday, but i didn't get the official diagnosis until today. They ended up doing the microfracture surgery, which means that i'm non-weight-bearing for eight weeks, which is rather obnoxious.

Fortunately, i do have much more flexibility than expected. I had a prescription for a Continuous Passive Motion device (i.e. knee flexing machine). The prescription indicated that i was supposed to start at 45° and work my way up to 90°. I was able to bend 90° right away, which is encouraging.

I didn't get any exciting drugs. Just Vicodin with Tylenol. No codiene for me, which is no fun. I've been taking the minimum amount (10 mg every six hours instead of 20 mg every four). That's largely preemptive, since my knee isn't hurting all that much. Right now, my armpits are getting more sore than my knee, since i don't have much experience with crutches and i have a poor sense of balance, anyway.