May 6th, 2009

damn her tantalizing private sections

In Livejournal redux, after a long period of hesitancy, i finally submitted and signed up for Facebook. As before, i joined solely for the opportunity to view punkalicia's private parts. My problem is that i'm not clear as to what i'm supposed to do with the thing. And, no, i'm not playing dumb for humorous effect.

As far as i can tell, Facebook was created primarily to be vehicle through which people can complain at me:
  • Why haven't you joined Facebook?
  • When are you going to do something with your Facebook account?
  • When are you going to add me as a friend?
  • Your profile's not done, you need to finish it.
  • It's called "Facebook." Why don't you have a picture of your face up there?
It's clear that Facebook has achieved much greater critical mass than LJ ever could. Moreover, it appears useful for dispersing news of mass interest about things like memorial services, engagements, calls to political activism, or other similar timely events. It appears that on average Facebook is much more ephemeral in nature compared to LJ (though LJ is certainly used for items of transitory relevance). One would be less likely to revisit an old Facebook post(?) than they would for an LJ entry. Twitter, in turn, appears to be the next step on the TypePad-LJ-Facebook continuum.

For you people who do both, is that how you distinguish between what material goes to which site? Or is it more a matter of audience? Where Facebook tends to consist of more people you know in real life, yet may have more casual mutual interests, whereas LJ is more of a self-selected group with more closely shared sensibilities?

Is there anything in particular i should do with the damned thing?
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