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Raul and SOB sitting in a tree

I typed up this section in its entirety since i don't understand its intent. Plus, its title is awesome:

Raul: The Zoro of the Pro Life Movement!

I arrived at the death camp of the hood on May 9, 1998 Saturday @ 6:10AM. I had cut back my hours from the ministry and I started doing door to door activity Tuesday to Thursday for two hours, distribution of the IPLM newsletters on Friday and sidewalk counseling on Saturday. The evilness of Planned Parenthood was so prevalent as I observed two deathscort's and the death camp guard already had take three strategic parking spots. [SOB likes parking his car where it's easily observed since he puts signs and his petition on top of it. To mess with him, we would park in his favorite spots whenever we'd get there first. Now he gets there so early, that he always gets a favored spot. Of course, he wakes up at 3:30-4:00 in the morning to do breakfast, make himself pretty, and take the long drive to get there early enough.] Knowing that $700 million dollars of our tax money were paying their salaries made me sick to my stomach. [Last i heard, the protestors think that we make $30-$35/hr to deathscort. After all, who would do such a thing unless it was for the blood money?] I set up the ministry signs as normal and Raul a great Pro Life Warrior showed up to sidewalk counsel. A lot of babies and mothers have been saved from the jaws of death from Raul's effort. I began to observe the deathscort's become agitated as they observed the presence of Raul [Probably true, aside from grammar.] who is filled with the Holy Spirit. Steve (the main deathscort) [Head of Security for Houston's PP] armed with sophisticated security microphones paid for with our tax dollars made a b - line to Raul hoping the bear false witness [At least he's not trying to "bar false witness"...] against this man of God. I gave literature to a mother as she hurriedly went into the death camp as I observed a HPD [Houston Police Department] Unit drive slowly by ready to abide by the death camp's version of event if the death camp workers wish to implement this tool of evil; but since the National Day of Prayer event was not far behind, I'm sure that Mayor Brown and his blue shirts did not want an incident. [SOB hasn't had a positive experience with the police. For some reason, they don't always accept his version of events as the 100% truth. They must be full of Satan.] I returned to my post with the deathscort walking in front of me and looked at where Raul normally stands and he vanished. Raul disappeared mysteriously in the humid Houston morning. Raul, "the Zoro of the Pro Life Movement"! The adventure continues......!
And that's the end of Part 2. I can't say that i get this hagiographical section about Raul at all. Raul doesn't have much use for SOB, though obviously SOB is oblivious. Nevertheless, all that happens in this vignette is first Raul is there and then he's gone without saying goodbye nor SOB noticing. Perhaps SOB's implying that Raul tracks down the babies he saves and carves his initial in them?

I certainly wouldn't put it beneath Raul to do that.
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