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Everyday is hell on Earth for SOB

As i mentioned earlier, Part 3 is titled: "The evilness and wickedness of Planned Parenthood!" Its subtitle is: "Trampling of First Amendment Rights & Religious Liberty." Basically, it's a listing of all the transgressions against SOB over his 10+ years of "sidewalk counseling." The writing about the events themselves isn't especially interesting compared to what we're used to. The section titles, however, are excellent. Here are the first four:
The Clinton - Gore - Reno - Hillary years!
Hell on Earth for Pro Life Activists!

How Planned Parenthood Death camp uses U. S. Marshall's as a weapon against Pro Lifer's during Clinton - Gore years.

Other Fruits of the Death camp of the Hood!

Have law enforcement officials used by Clinton for evil, do good for Life.
Of the first several transgressions, the most compelling is the one on PP using "U. S. Marshall's as a weapon." This was before my time, so i'll do my best to discern what actually happened. It seems from the text that SOB tried to go around one of the escorts and was blocked off from "the mother" by a fence. SOB then pushed or grabbed the escort that did the blocking and U.S. Marshals were brought in. From the text:
The usher worker of the Hood started screaming at me not to touch him or grab his arm as I continued to talk to the mother to give life to her baby. The worker continued to cut in front of me blocking my voice from the mother. [SOB apparently doesn't understand the scientific concepts of sound transmission and that merely standing in front of him won't block his voice.]...My heart began to race as I knew that these Planned Parenthood workers were going to bear false witness against me. I kept on the public sidewalk and walked to the front of Planned Parenthood and I told a Black U. S. Marshall that I wanted to talk with him about what occurred....The Black U. S. Marshall raised his right index finger to me which meant to me to wait a moment which I did. [After waiting two minutes SOB went to a different marshal's car.] A white male, 6 ft. got out of his car and I stated that my FIRST Amendment Rights was viciously trampled by this Planned Parenthood worker usher when he walked in front of me .... [This ellipsis is SOB's...and it's only 3 periods!] The U. S. Marshall interrupted me when he stated that he warned me before that I was not suppose to put a hand on any Planned Parenthood Worker. (He never ever gave me such a warning that day) I looked strait [Hee.] into his eyes and stated that this Planned Parenthood Worker trampled on my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. The U. S. Marshall stated how did he trample on my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS? [SOB here quotes the First Amendment and, yes, he "stated" it.] The U. S. Marshall stated that it's impressive that I know the First Amendment however that I didn't have the right to put my arm on him. [SOB "stated" that he didn't. The U. S. Marshal "stated" that he did and "stated" that he was going to arrest SOB if he did it again. SOB wrote down U. S. Marshal William B. Mobley III's badge and ID #.] My plan of action at this point (12:00 noon January 14, 1995) is to fax a copy to the Rutherford Institute and bring a copy to the FBI office Monday Jan. 16, 1995, bring a copy to the U. S. Marshalls on duty at Planned Parenthood when I go picket, counsel mothers, hand out flyers, have people sign petition against abortion and the F. A. C. E. law on Monday January 16, 1995.

I state that this makes me giggle.

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