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I wish all the protestors were like SOB

The next quote-worthy section needs to read intact to fully appreciate it.
Planned Parenthood Deathscort Mike Bodmer assaulted me on February 21, 1996 Wednesday outside the death camp @ 3601 Fannin Houston Texas.

At 6:30AM a City of Houston Police Car comes by with lights flashing as a white female Planned Parenthood worker tells a Black City of Houston Police Officer to "feel free to arrest this man". Black COH HPD officer takes something out of the trunk of an automobile with Texas plates 119-ZXB. At 8:00AM [The hell? What was the point of stating those 6:30 events?] I (William Burban) am attempting to give literature to a mother who is contemplating abortion from the entrance / exit of the death camp parking lot of Berry & San Jacinto along Berry to the Berry Exit of PP as the deathscorts cut off my access to the mother. At the Berry Exit Entrance to the death mill, Mike Bodmer gets in front of me and cuts off my calling lanes to the mother to let her know the detrimental affects of abortion. I moved in several directions(left & right)to get away from deathscort Mike Bodmer but to no avail. I finally stated to the mother with Mike Bodmer in my face [<Insert your own beard/homosexuality joke here.>] after several attempts to move away from him; "a lot of mothers have died from safe, legal abortions!", "a lot of mothers have gotten breast cancer from abortions!", "a lot of mothers have died in France from RU-4... then I RECEIVED A KNEE TO THE GROIN FROM MIKE BODMER and I yelled out to the Harris County Deputy on duty that I have been assaulted. I immediately took a Polaroid shot of Mike Bodmer's back after the assault [?] and at that moment the deathscort is telling the officer why he kneed me in the groin. The white male Harris County Deputy comes by and I stated that I was assaulted by this deathscort (Mike Bodmer) [You know, in case he was unclear on to whom he was referring...] in which he kneed me in my groin. The Harris County Deputy tells me that I need to call Houston Police Department and I asked him to call them for me and he refuses. [I'm guessing this was the off-duty constable that PP hires for security because of nutjobs like SOB.] I asked him if he saw anything and he states no. I stated that you were looking at me and that...(cuts me off) and states that he did not see anything. I stated that you were looking at us [Yes, he's this repetitive when he talks, too.] and I asked for his name and badge number and he states that his name is Harris County Deputy Lewis & his badge #2849. I have become so use to being abused by Pro aborts and the Police not doing a thing about it. I know calling the COH Police would have been futile because in the past nothing was ever done about it. I knew that I had to get to my Probation Officer on a crime that I did not commit when Sgt. Zitzmann beat me with a wooden baton on December 8, 1994 when I was going door to door having people sign a petition against abortion and the F.A.C.E. law and then Sgt. Zitzmann would perjure himself thirty times on the witness stand and then I was found guilty of "resisting arrest". [Free beer for the first person to successfully diagram that sentence.] (See story on the Zitzmann Assault in Part 3 [Part 4]). At 9 AM I reported to my Probation Officer and I reported the beatings I received in jail when I was arrested on February 9, 1996 while I was going door to door having people sign a petition against abortion and the F.A.C.E. law and I gave her a copy of the abusive situation that has occurred and abusive situation with the City of Houston not giving out the proper ticket when they smashed the ministry vehicle and the assault that I received from the deathscort at Planned Parenthood. [That is also a beer-worthy sentence.] She (African - American Probation Officer) stated that I have violated my probation [Doing what?] and that she was going to inform the judge of this violation and that I have to pay an additional fine and that I may have to do an additional 80 hours of community service. [I bet those bastards don't even count anti-abortion sidewalk counseling as community service.] I stated that I did not do this crime and that this is absolutely not fair. I stated that I have done 80 hours of community service already in which I have a letter stating that I completed 80 hours of community service and that I have paid over $700 in fines on a crime that I didn't commit and that the ministry is totally tapped out of funds. [More beer. Also, please note that SOB correctly did not state that he paid "$700 dollars" in fines! SOB should get free beer.] She asked me if I had any further questions and I stated that when will the abuse stop by law enforcement officials especially by HPD in which these officials have taken oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. The Probation Officer by the name of Gwen Jones, a black female glared at me with racial hatred in her eyes [Hee.] and stated "Have you prayed about it?". I stated "I sure have". [SOB gives the address for the probation office.] She gave me a copy of the probationer's monthly report and told me to report 3 - 19 - 96 and that she will notify me what kind of fine I need to pay and if I need to do community service again.

I wonder if i look at SOB with racial hatred in my eyes or if that's just my eyes being full of evilness and wickedness...

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