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I disturb even me

We have actual paragraphs now:

My watch was reading 8:40AM as I observed other Christians coming to pray for an end to abortion. I knocked on the window of the patrol car to get the attention of other Pro Lifer's to call Tom Zakes [SOB's lawyer, whom i don't think he's mentioned yet.] as I drew on the window with my finger. As I was tapping on the window of the patrol car a Black HPD Officer tapped on the other window to taunt me. [Damn those uppity Black HPD Officers.] I observed the Planned Parenthood death camp workers and several HPD Officers talking to each other. [You know, to work out the logistics of the conspiracy against SOB.] I observed a COH Police Sgt. smile at me thru the patrol car window. [Sounds like a homosexual advance to me.]

Martinez came back to the patrol car and stated that he got the go ahead from his Sergeant to arrest me. Martinez asked for my Social Security number and I stated that I never had a police officer ask me for my social security number and that I needed to chat with my attorney before I answered that question. Martinez yelled out that he needed my Social Security number! I stated that I have never been asked that before and that I needed to chat with my attorney before I answered that question. IT'S IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT IN THE THREE TIMES THAT I HAVE BEEN ARRESTED BY HPD THEY NEVER EVER READ THE MIRANDA ACT. [Martinez left the car to tell another officer that SOB was being uncooperative. SOB states that it's "8:55AM" and again explains his location.] Martinez yelled out to me on what he should do about my vehicle and my signs. I stated that I needed to talk with my attorney about that. Some white shirts (possibly attorneys for Planned Parenthood) came out to the intersection of Fannin & Berry and were measuring with their feet the distance of the ministry vehicle and were stating that my vehicle [Wait...SOB's vehicle or the ministry vehicle?] should be 20 feet from the fire hydrant and that they were stating that my vehicle was 18 feet from the fire hydrant. Martinez stated to me that they are going to tow my vehicle [Cool. Nowadays, no one does anything about the fact that Raul almost always parks in the handicapped parking for the theatre across the street.] and he asked me what I wanted to do with my signs? I stated that the ministry signs are on a Public Right of Way and that it is legal to have signs on a public right of way. I observed Martinez take up the ministry signs and put the ministry signs in the ministry vehicle without my consent. Martinez came back to the patrol car and he put a form in front of me which basically asked permission for leaving the vehicle and that he had my permission to put the ministry signs in the ministry vehicle. I stated that I needed to chat with my attorney before I signed the paper. Martinez yelled out to me to sign the statement as the white shirts (possibly attorneys for Planned Parenthood) were stating that my car was within 20 feet of the fire hydrant and that it should be towed. I stated again that I wanted to talk to my attorney before I signed the statement and Martinez stated that we are going to tow your vehicle if you don't sign the statement. In order to avoid a possible assault on my person and further financial ruin that has happened to my family by the City of Houston, I signed the statement. [Hee.] IT'S IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THE THREE TIMES THAT I HAVE BEEN ARRESTED, HPD HAS NEVER EVER READ THE MIRANDA ACT TO ME! Martinez got back into his vehicle and drove in a round about way to the Mykawa Police Station in which he was zigzagging thru the streets of Houston. I asked Martinez why he was going to the police station in a round about way? Martinez stated "Whatever". I stated to Martinez that I wanted to file assault charges against the Planned Parenthood worker. Martinez stated why didn't I mention this earlier. I stated that I was not given fair opportunity to share with you and that I have been assaulted by several police officers and other people and that nothing is being done about it. We arrived at the Mykawa Police Station as I read my watch to read 9:30AM. My possessions were taken away from me.

That afternoon in the holding cell a black male city jailor smiled at me and asked me if I remembered who he was. I stated that "I'm not sure, should I?". He stated that I accused him of beating me up after the "Campbell Arrest". [SOB states all about this in Part 4.] I stated that "I remember being beaten up by 5 black male City of Houston Jailors and two black female City of Houston Jailors and that he may not be held accountable in this world but he will be held accountable in the next world". The black mail City of Houston Jailor laughed at me and shouted out to the other prisoners that this guy is a Pro Lifer and left the holding cell. I chatted with the prisoners about the Pro Life Movement in which I stated various scriptural references about being Pro Life. [That would've been a fun conversation to eavesdrop on.] I stated to them that in I John 3:15 it states "Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer. And you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in them.". I stated to my fellow prisoners that if a person states that they are Pro Choice, they are not saved. When a person states that they are Pro Choice what they are saying is that an unborn baby does not have the right to live but that right should be given to another (a mother and her abortionist) who should decide if that baby should live or die. [Beer.] Thusly, if a person is Pro Choice they become an accessory to the murder and therefore they are not saved.

The entire section ends right there and i must confess to being a bit confused. On the surface, this book is about how one can start one's own pro-life ministry and the travails one might expect if he's like SOB. However on this superficial level, i don't understand this section's lack of conclusion. Ignoring the facade of a sincere pro-life how-to-book, i understand that in postmodern works such as this the denouement is often left to the reader's imagination. Did SOB convert all the prisoners to Catholicism...including Rocco, the serial killer with a heart of gold who, after a vigorous session of going the wrong way up SOB's Hershey highway, learned to love Jesus even more than such corporeal pleasures?

But why not tell us that? What is its omission telling us?

Hopefully, one of you people paid attention in English class and can illuminate me.
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