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"Death camp worker looks bad on your résumé." - SOB

The next section is about how "Deathscort Steve" (SOB's quotes) "maliciously brushed his body against me." Not pushed or run over, rather a malicious brushing. Aside from that, it's not particularly interesting. The subsequent section is splendid, however, especially the title and the ending "Thoughts of the incident.":

The assault of a Pro Life Christian woman by a death camp worker of Planned Parenthood death camp outside the death camp at 3601 Fannin Houston, Texas on June 7, 1996.

I (William Burban, Founder of "Involvement in Pro - Life Ministries) was attempting to give literature to a mother at 8:22AM June 7, 1996. I observed Mickie Busler (Pro Lifer) attempt to give Pro Life literature to the same mother and the female death camp worker (White female / Blond hair / White Blouse / Blue Pants) that was deathscorting the mother into the death camp hit Mrs. Busler with a plastic bag that had a protruding object and I heard Mrs. Busler begin to cry from the vicious blow of the female death camp worker. [Does no one want beer?] I was in shock that a vicious blow was delivered to a sweet Pro Life lady (Mrs. Mickie Busler) who was just trying to give literature to a mother. I observed a red mark on her left arm. I asked Mrs. Busler if she wanted to make a police report and she stated that she did. I went to the front of the death camp to where the Hispanic City of Houston Police Officer / Constable and I observed him quickly going into the death camp. I shouted out several times that we need a police officer but it was to no avail as the unnamed officer was nowhere to be found. Some fellow Pro Lifers showed up to pray the rosary and I told them that I was a witness to an assault of a lady Pro Lifer and I went back to where Mickie Busler was at and I said that the offer did a disappearing act. [Horrible run-on sentence or not, at least it contained the word "said" for what i'm pretty sure is the first time in the book.] I asked her if she wanted me to call the police and she said OK. I walked over to the junior college on San Jacinto and I called 911. I walked back to Fannin & Berry and I waited for Mrs. Busler. Mickie came by and stated that she called the number that the unknown COH Police Officer / Constable gave her but that there was no answer. I went to the unknown COH Police Officer / Constable who was sitting in front of the death camp and I asked him if he called the police. He pointed to a nearby store and stated that I should call them. I asked him if he could call them, he stated no! I asked him if he was a HPD Police Officer or if he was a constable? He stated that he was a HPD Police Officer! I asked him for his name and badge number and he did not give me his name and badge number. I went back to the intersection of Berry & Fannin and I stated to Mrs. Busler that the unidentified officer refused to give his name and badge number. [Cut & paste is my friend.] Mickie asked what we can do about this and I stated that we can go to Internal Affairs later but let's wait to see if the police will respond to my 911 call. HPD finally arrived as I waved them down. HPD Police Officer [Sorry, no mention of his race.] got out and I stated that I observed an assault on Mrs. Busler by a death camp worker ( white female / blond hair / White Blouse / Blue pants ) [That must've been some blouse in order to warrant capitalization.] who has gone into the death camp. I observed the police officer's badge and number to read 4057 and his name tag read A. T. Jones. Officer Jones asked me at what time did this occur and I stated 8:22AM. Officer Jones asked where did this occur and I physically walked over to the exact spot where the assault occurred and shouted out over here (Berry Street Entrance of the PP Death camp). I walked back toward Officer Jones as I observed him questioning the victim oaf the assault and Mrs. Busler asked me "Bill, I didn't get in the face of that girl?". I said "No!" as I shook my head in the negative. Other City of Houston Police vehicles arrived on the scene and they soon entered the death camp facility. I prayed with the victim as we patiently waited for the police to come out. The police came out and Officer Jones gave the case number to Mrs. Busler and stated to us that the assailant was given a ticket and that we shall receive a Subpoena on the trial date.

Thoughts of the incident.

* As of July 28, 2002 neither I nor the victim received a subpeona for a trial.
* The death camp worker assailant was not arrested and did not spend a minute in jail.
* The unidentified City of Houston Police Officer monitoring the front entrance of the death camp facility could have saved us a lot of time by calling the police himself. [Your point being...]
* Why should Pro Lifer's like myself be treated with arrest and spend time in jail on crimes that I never did, while Pro Abort assailants are just given a ticket and not arrested and not spend time in jail. [What about your crimes against the English language, fuckwit?]
* If an arrest was made, this would have given the possibility of a saved life of the unborn and perhaps the mother. But City of Houston believes in the brutal slayings of children by abortions and believes that Pro Lifer's need to be punished harsher than other citizens of Houston and that a racist policy of "Affirmative Action" be implemented on white people. [I love that.]
* The City of Houston Police are guarding the death camp facility at taxpayers expense. This is wrong!

If any of you people ever come to Houston, i'd be more than happy to introduce you to the author. Heck, you could even purchase an autographed copy of his book...

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