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thousands of pages of documentation

Now, some unfiltered SOB. Please read yesterday's entry before reading this to find out what really happened since it's as though he's describing an entirely different event.
The evilness and wickedness of Planned Parenthood manifests itself in the Deathscorts who on good days only aid and abet in the murder of unborn children & their mothers; and on bad days trample on the civil rights, religious liberty, and FREE SPEECH rights of Pro Life Christians and aid and abet in the murder of unborn children and their mothers. [You know, this would be a lot easier to cut & paste if he were consistent while being redundant.] On August 15, 1998 Saturday at approximately 8AM several deathscorts surrounded me and a couple contemplating abortion as I was telling the mother of the detrimental affects of abortion in which I stated that a lot of mothers have died from safe, legal abortions, that their are 33 studies that confirm that abortions causes breast cancer, that it may cause severe bleeding......when all of a sudden the deathscort in front of me (White male with 3 foot pony tail [Sean.]) abruptly turned around to block my access down a public sidewalk and I was pushed from behind by "deathscort Steve" and I stated that you are blocking the public sidewalk as I went around to continue the ministry efforts of saving the life of the unborn child and her mother. [There was no turning around, "deathscort Steve" never touched him, and SOB gave up and did not continue the "ministry efforts" of harassing our client. Also, God has apparently blessed SOB with x-ray vision capable not only of seeing which of our clients is pregnant, but also the gender of the embryo/fetus.] I was pushed again by "Deathscort Steve" [Who apparently flung himself against our fence in doing so...] and then Steve stated that I assaulted him and I stated that I was assaulted by you in that there has to be a reasonable accommodation for FIRST AMENDMENT ACTIVITY and that ya'll blocking access on a public sidewalk, getting between a couple contemplating abortion and myself, swatting away ministry literature from my hands as I was attempting to give the info to a mother & father, and assaulting me are vicious acts of "Trampling of FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS" as I stated to the couple already in the death camp grounds that it may cause severe bleeding and infection.....(then rudely interrupted by "deathscort Steve" a white male who was blocking my calling lanes in which he stated that this is strike three and that he was going to call the police. [Whew. I think diagramming that sentence might be worth an entire keg. I swear that i went over that multiple times to make sure that i transcribed it exactly.] I stated to him that I was going to file assault charges on them and that their has to be a reasonable accommodation of FIRST AMENDMENT ACTIVITY on a public sidewalk. "Deathscort Steve" stated that he was going to call the police and the other deathscorts started screaming at me as I stated to them "I rebuke ya'll in the name of Jesus!!" [He only rebuked Sheila in the name of Jesus that day. Don't worry, he has since rebuked me in the name of Jesus on many occasions.] as a saintly woman (Pam Fletcher) walked up and stated to the female deathscort that ya'll have ganged up on him. [Please note that, even in SOB's account, Ms. Fletcher never says anything about us pushing or even touching SOB...just "ganging up" on him...] The "female black haired deathscort" clearly irritated by the truth resonating from the lips of this Godly woman in the humid Houston air belittled her efforts in which she stated that she did not know what she was talking about. I stated to the "female black haired deathscort" that she should not talk this way as we walked away from the deathscorts. I stated to Pam Fletcher that Planned Parenthood is an evil & wicked organization in which they are upset because I forwarded information to the F.B.I. that links the evil "slickster" to abuse that is going on here locally against Pro Life Christians! [Hee.] Miss Fletcher stated that she observed them ganging up on me and she told me about how Ed [Protestor Edward Steven Duncan.] was abused last Saturday and she asked me if I was here last Saturday. I stated that I was however that I left at 9AM last Saturday so they probably abused him after I left. I asked Pam if Ed was arrested and she stated no but the police came out. [Duncan carried two 5' posters with him to protest, a "Life" poster of a cute little baby and a "Choice" one of a decapitated head of a stillborn fetus. Sometimes he uses these posters to either block the sidewalk or as an instrument with which to shove us. Unlike SOB, he's usually smart enough to do this out of the view of our cameras so he doesn't get in trouble.] I stated that the evil and wicked forces are upset because I sent thousands[!] of pages of documentation of abuse that has been going on locally in which I told the story of Mickie Busler (an elderly female) that was assaulted and that it was a Black HPD Officer that came out and that we were to receive subpoenas and Mrs. Busler or myself never received such subpoenas. I told Pam that I was going to document everything that went on probably on Monday and that I was going to call Tom Zakes [his lawyer] on Tuesday and forward the information to the Rutherford Institute, AAPL, the FBI, and the media.

The police arrive next and since this paragraph is nearly three pages long, i'm going to stop this entry here. What will the police do? Will they arrest the evil & wicked deathscorts? Or will they beat SOB and trample his FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS?

Tune in tomorrow to find out that and much, much the answer to the question burning on everyone's minds: "What are the 'Four pillars of evil' that are entrenched in the foundation of the City of Houston?"
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