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Murderers, homosexuals, and thieves

The HPD unit arrived and "deathscort Steve" with his drivers license out was ready and able to bare false witness as a scripture verse came to mind: [He quotes Proverbs 6:16-19 again: "There are six things which the Lord hates..."]. Attributes that characterize the evil and wicked deathscorts of Planned Parenthood which is evident from their main champion "the slickster", their main political party "Democrats" in which the Bible calls Murderers, homosexuals, and thieves. [Really? I'll have to remember to ask him to show me where...] The HPD Officer approached me as I looked intently in his eyes and it did not appear to me that the four pillars of evil (Affirmative Action - a racist policy against white males; the fact that HPD does not enforce article 4512.5 which prohibits "partial birth abortions" in the state of Texas [A statute from 1879 that's far to vague to hold up in court as a law prohibiting intact dilation & extraction (aka "partial birth abortion"). Dammit, i can't believe i'm doing actual research for this thing...]; Abortion on demand; and the FACE law which discriminates against Pro Life Christians) heavily entrenched in the City of Houston was going to raise it's ugly heads at least not this time. [I think this was a very convoluted way of saying the officer was white.] The officer asked what happened and I stated that I was intently sidewalk counseling a couple contemplating abortion as we were walking telling the mother of the detrimental affects of abortion as we were surrounded by several deathscorts when the white male deathscort with a foot pony tail [That would be cool...] abruptly turns around and viciously blocks the sidewalk and then I was pushed from behind by "Deathscort Steve" and pushed again as I tried to get around the blockade set up by "3 foot ponytail deathscort". [That's a fine sentence, but not as good as yesterday's kegger.] I stated to the HPD officer that there has to be a reasonable accommodation of FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. I stated that I wanted to file assault charges against the "white male 3 foot pony tail deathscort" who deliberately blockaded the sidewalk which started the assault and against "Deathscort Steve" who pushed me from behind and then pushed me again when I tried to go around the evil blockade. I stated that the evil deathscorts are especially upset because their evil leader "the slickster" may be impeached and is encouraging this evil behavior in which we sent information to Senator Jesse Helms office by certified mail "a paper trail that links the White House to the abuse that is going on against Pro Life Christians locally". [Man, that fucker should have been impeached just for picking on SOB like that.] The HPD Officer went back to his patrol vehicle and called his Sergeant. The HPD officer came back and stated that he was instructed by his Sergeant to issue two citations of assault one for the evil and wicked deathscorts [I for some reason doubt he said "evil and wicked deathscorts"...] and one for me and that the matter will be resolved in court. I felt sadden [Hee.] by this because the deathscorts did all the assaulting. I observed the HPD Officer talking to Pam and getting her statement as I continued my efforts of sidewalk counseling. Pam came to me and stated that she told the HPD Officer that they ganged up on me [Nothing about pushing.] and she recommended that I leave the area because she was going to leave the area and that she was afraid that the deathscorts were going to bare false witness against me again. I stated that I had to stick around because HPD was going to issue me a citation and that he still had in his possession my driver's license and I quickly related the story of the HPD Officer Sessions assault [Not referenced elsewhere.] in which she stole the ministry "Sam's Wholesale Club" card in which I faxed information to the F.B.I. about two particular things missing which are my prescription sunglasses and the ministry's "Sam's Wholesale Club" card and that I did not want to add to the list of "evidential throw down" items in HPD possession that they already have if I can help it. [I'm at a loss of words.] I observed two Pro Life Warriors come on the scene and I stated to Pam that I should be alright [Apparently, spellcheckers think "alright" is all right, but i don't.] and that I needed her phone number to give to Tom Zakes as a witness. I stated to Pam that I thanked God that she was here and that I definitely would have been arrested and beaten had she not been here. [Hee. SOB borrows a pen and exchanges phone numbers after another hundred words or so.] I continued my sidewalk counseling efforts and the HPD officer came up to me again and I reiterated what had happened. I asked him for my driver's license and he smiled and stated "Oh I though I gave it back". The HPD officer gave back my license and I immediately went to put it in my wallet and secure it as one less item to be used as a "evidential throw down". [I don't recall if it was this day or not, but one of the days that the police paid SOB a visit, he had a major hissyfit, yelling at them about stealing his driver license before he finally checked and found out that they had already given it back. I laughed and laughed and laughed...] I continued my sidewalk counseling efforts and then the HPD Officer came by and gave me my citation and informed me that a citation was issued to "Deathscort Steve" and the "white male with a 3 foot ponytail deathscort". [I'm positive the officer didn't say "white male with a 3 foot ponytail deathscort." Also, i'm pretty sure that "Deathscort Steve" didn't receive a citation.] The HPD officer asked me if I knew his name and I stated that I don't know his name however he is the "white male with a 3 foot ponytail". The HPD officer made a special point to point to the date of the court appearance on the citation which read 09/15/98. So the court date will be September 15, 1998 Court #5 11:00AM.

That ends the paragraph that started in my previous entry. Finally.

Next time? SOB in a suit.

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