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The abuse of the deathscorts continues.....[Yes, i really wish SOB would stop abusing us deathscorts.]
On October 5, 1998 Monday 9PM [AM. Though the endeavor did have a certain Night Court quality to it...] I arrived at City of Houston Municipal Court at 1400 Lubbock / Houston, Texas for a trial that I thought would include the assault of the deathscorts done to me. The judge called the docket, my name was called up and the City Attorney read the names of the deathscorts who accused me of assault and they did not read the names of the deathscorts as defendants. The male city attorney asked me if I had an attorney and I stated "yes" and that it is Tom Zakes but that he was not present. [So after Ohio native Chuck Spingola was arrested for aggravated stupidity, he needed a local lawyer and SOB recommended this Tom Zakes character. Spingola actually came all the way down to Houston for his trial, but because Zakes never showed a new trial date was set more than a month later. Spingnola evidently decided it wasn't worth the effort/expense to come for the second trial so there's now a bench warrant for his arrest in Texas. Hee.] The judge asked how I plead and I stated "not guilty" and "trial by jury". At this moment in time, I did not receive a subpoena from the City of Houston to be a witness to testify to the assault of me by the deathscorts and I chatted with Pam Fletcher and she stated that she did not receive a subpoena as well to testify but that her subpoena read the "State of Texas vs. William Burban". I feel that the ugly 4 heads of evil of the City of Houston which are...[SOB lists them again.]...was rearing it's ugly heads for the first time in this particular case. I chatted with Tom Zakes about the fact that a citation was issued to the deathscorts for assaulting me and they did not have to plead and he stated that he would look into the matter. I feel sad that this injustice is being done which is being led by "the slickster" the ultimate promoter of injustice. It's important to note here that Clinton signed the F.A.C.E. bill into law in 1994 and it was approved by the Democrat controlled Congress at that time.
SOB doesn't provide any conclusion on his trial, so i will. The Assistant D.A. interviewed everyone and decided that though he believed that SOB did assault Steve, that he wasn't going to try the case because he has a 67% conviction percentage and he thought that there was a chance he might lose this case and lower his average. Fucker. I got all dressed up in a suit for nothing. Oh, i do have to point out that while he was waiting in the courthouse, SOB passed his time handing out flyers decrying HPD brutality. Fortunately for him, the HPD who were there were more amused than anything else.
Reason for filing Internal Affairs Report.

The reason for filing an Internal Affairs complaint is the HPD Officer stated that he was going to issue citations to the deathscorts as well however I nor did Pam Fletcher receive a subpoena on the assaults by the deathscorts but we only received subpoena on the false charges that the deathscorts brought on me. [You better believe that's worth a beer.].

On November 17, 1998 Tuesday, I went to Internal Affairs of the Houston Police Department to file a complaint on why the assailants ("Deathscort Steve" and "3 foot ponytail Deathscort" of Planned Parenthood Death camp) did not have to plead and why we did not receive subpoena's to testify to this affect and why we were put into the position of being defendant's instead of the protection of the police. Joann Contreras Badge # 5844 (Hispanic) refused to file a complaint. [But after seeing the previous sentence, how could she not?] I feel that this was racist because I am a white male and she is an Hispanic and she refused to file my complaint and invalidated me as a human being, [Tee hee.] and religiously discriminated against me because I am a Pro Life activist. I asked to see her sergeant or superior and she refused to allow me to see her superior. I asked her why we did not receive subpeona's on the deathscorts citation and she stated because you don't know how to use apostrophes correctly, you fuckin' inbred ignoramus. [Okay, not really. Just checking to see if you're actually reading this. She actually "stated why I was calling them deathscorts."] I stated that they aid and abet in the murder of the unborn child and perhaps the mother that they deathscort into the death camp and I asked her why Pamela Fletcher and myself did not receive subpoenas on the deathscort citation and she stated that she did not know why subpoenas were not issued on the deathscorts citation. I stated that I wanted to file a complaint on this to see if HPD was involved in this snafu and she stated that she is not going to file a complaint. I stated that all the assault like activity was done by the deathscorts and naming me as a defendant puts me into a position of getting an attorney on a crime that I did not commit and keeps the assailants ("Deathscort Steve" and "Deathscort Shawn") from justice. HPD Officer Joann Contreras badge # 5844 refused to file an Internal Affairs Report. I asked her if I could talk with her supervisor and she stated that he was out to lunch (Time was approximately 9:20AM a little early for lunch). I stated to her that I was going to go to the F.B.I. and report this injustice. She laughed and stated that you go ahead and go to the FBI. I stated that I will. I went to the FBI and reported all the events that transpired.
That last section kicks ass. I suspect the reason that it's less coherent than normal (even for SOB) is that he copied it from other places and attempted unsuccessfully to convert it into the proper tense. The first paragraph is probably the actual complaint that SOB tried filing with Internal Affairs. The second paragraph may be from one of his newsletters.

Trying to think like SOB to discern where he got this shit gives me a headache.

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