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PP is the "world's number one abortion provider in the world."

The State of Texas vs. Sean Horrigan Trial

On June 28, 1999 there was a trial that was supposed to occur but the City of Houston's four pillars of evil raised it's ugly heads. Ms. Bonita Tolbert the City Attorney called me into the jury room and while we were walking into the jury room she asked me who was the female that was walking behind me and I stated that this was Pam Fletcher. And she (Bonita Tolbert) obtusely [<-- Ooh, fancy.] stated who is Pam Fletcher. Totally surprised by her question and her abusive attitude. I stated that Pam Fletcher is a witness to the assault that occurred by the deathscorts and she stated only I can come into the jury room. I stated that she was subpoenaed by the City of Houston and is a witness to that assault. She looked at her paper work and she stated rudely "Who are you?". Pam stated that she was Melba Fletcher and the city attorney looked at her paper work and stated okay. [Man, how obtuse can you get? She didn't know that "Pam" was the diminutive form of Melba?] We came into the jury room and Ms. Tolbert closed the door to the jury room and she asked me who was Sean Horrigan and I stated that he is the deathscort with the three foot ponytail. Ms. Tolbert stated how did Sean Horrigan assault me and I stated to Ms. Tolbert that I was walking along with the couple contemplating abortion.....and then I was rudely interrupted by the City Attorney when she asked me what I was doing there? I stated that I have a lay ministry called "Involvement in Pro - Life Ministries" and I was sidewalk counseling and then I was rudely interrupted again as Ms Tolbert abusively mirror reflected [?] by stating "Sidewalk Counseling?" and I stated yes that when you talk to a couple contemplating abortion it is called sidewalk counseling. [I'd love for this sentence to be diagrammed, but you people obviously don't love me...] The City of Houston attorney asked me again "How did Sean Horrigan assault me?". I stated I was walking along with the couple that was contemplating abortion and that I was telling them the detrimental affects of abortion and that the deathscorts are wired with communications and that "deathscort Steve" gave Sean T. Horrigan the order to block my access down the public sidewalk and I was pushed from behind by either "Deathscort Steve" or "Black haired female Deathscort". [Note that earlier he stated that it was "Deathscort Steve" that pushed him and now he isn't sure. FYI, "Black haired female Deathscort" (Sheila) was well out in front.] The black female city attorney [Hence the earlier "pillars of evil" comment.] rudely interrupted me and stated so Sean Horrigan did not assault me and I stated that he was part of the conspiracy to assault me and trampled on my "Religious Liberty" by denying me access down a public sidewalk rudely interrupted again by Ms Tolbert when she stated that Sean T. Horrigan did not assault me. I stated that you are not listening to me that he was part of the group conspiracy that are wired with communications.....(rudely interrupted by Bonita Tolbert again) and she stated that she is not going to bring this case to trial. The city attorney then nodded to Pamela Fletcher and asked her "What did you see?" and Pamela Fletcher stated that she observed the group ganging up on me. [Again, she doesn't claim that anyone assaulted SOB, cuz we didn't.] Ms Tolbert stated that Sean Horrigan did not assault me but that it was an unknown someone from behind me. I stated to the City Attorney that I was sick and tired of being assaulted and that something has to be done! Bonita stated that I can go to the Harris County Prosecutor's office and talk about my conspiracy and that I am not going to take this case to trial. I stated that I needed her name and that I was going to report this to the F.B.I.. She unashamedly offered to write down her name herself and I stated that I'll write down her name. She stated that her name is Bonita Tolbert and that she is going to tell the judge to dismiss the case and that we are free to go. The City of Houston evilness continues.....

That ends SOB's accounts of his trials and tribulations outside the death camp. Not once was i mentioned, the fucker. He concludes Part III with "How about some fact's about Planned Parenthood and it's founder Margaret Sanger." He lists some "SOB fact's" and concludes with a plea to write "the President, your Senator, and your House of Representatives;" and have them "cut off funding (Tax dollars that you pay) to Planned Parenthood. Ask them to send money to Pro Life organizations like "Involvement in Pro - Life Ministries"." After all, one of his "fact's" is: "Did you know that Planned Parenthood has received $1.99 Billion dollars from the U.S. Government to promote baby killing and racism."

PP's apparently been misallocating this money by providing pap smears and shit.

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