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genitalia, inappropriate

I've been told i need to do a journal entry. The problem is that i don't have a helluva lot exciting to report. The protestors at PP have been as annoying as ever, but not story-worthily annoying...which makes them even more annoying. I'll be marching in the Pride Parade on Saturday night, which will be fun since it's the only time i ever get hit on...even if it's by people with the inappropriate genitalia. I'm going to continue my break from Involvement in Pro-Life Ministries. Mostly, i've been reading a lot and playing way too much Settlers of Catan online. Oh, i'm currently under negotiations with a lovely person who responded to my personal ad, but, as you've noticed, i don't generally talk about personal shit like that here.

In other news, Miss Alli just wrote one of her best recaps yet for The Amazing Race. You people should all read it. If get through the third page without chuckling and/or guffawing, you're not human. Thus far, this season seems inferior to the previous ones, in part due to the fact that i don't really like any of the remaining teams. Nevertheless, if you're home at 8pm (ET) tonight, i strongly recommend watching it on CBS. Even if you don't, you still need to be reading Miss Alli's recaps at TWoP.

Oh--and hello Sarah!
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