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living with a chick..but without the shared bathroom...

So, i've got friend who wants to live at my house in my second bedroom that i currently don't use for anything. I don't know her extremely well, but what i do know is that she doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs and she's very laidback in general. I haven't had a roommate (apartmentmate) in 3+ years and i sorta miss having someone at home to talk to. She needs to have an answer fairly quick, cuz her current lease expires at the end of the month and she has to give her second choice of roommate as much notice as possible. Likewise, she's not interested in a one or two month trial period, because she doesn't want to be kicked out on the street with her second option gone.

Right now, i'm leaning towards saying yes, but i reckoned i may as well get input from as many people as possible. What say you?
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