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I'm becoming an even bigger geek

Due to damn Settlers of Catan and a certain person there, i signed up for M$oft Messenger. I am, since some fucker already took luvrhino, dagnabbit. Of course, i have way too many minutes on my cell phone, so i can just call you people if you'd like (assuming i have your phone #).

Anyway, in other news, i have a Free Flight Voucher to use by the end of the year from last xmas. I'll be using one for this xmas. I was thinking of using it to go to NYC and to TARCON4 and meet a bunch of internet types i normally would never get to see. I'm especially interested in hanging out with Miss Alli and Sars. However, if you people have more brilliant ideas on what i should do with said Voucher, please let me know.

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