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It's difficult always being the center of the universe

I'm off for New York tomorrow. Cuz i know you people care, here's my flight itinerary:

Flight #428 Departs IAH
WED 20 AUG 7:40A
Arrives ORD 10:03A

#678 Departs ORD
WED 20 AUG 11:00A
Arrives LGA 2:07P

Flight #679 Departs LGA
SUN 24 AUG 12:00N
Arrives ORD 1:23P

#703 Departs ORD
SUN 24 AUG 2:45P
Arrives IAH 5:26P

Obviously, i don't anticipate reading and commenting in LJ much while i'm gone. Which is just as well because you people haven't been especially interesting or funny lately. Stupid friends list. *Hits it* Be more funny!

I trust that you will all sit down and figure out how you can be more entertaining for ken between now and the time i get back.

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