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I'm hemorrhaging money

You know, it's even a worse sign when the VW dealer's mechanic says that i probably should try getting rid of my car soon because it has issues. So, i'll be getting a new car sooner rather than later. Hopefully, i'll be able to sell my car for more than i'm paying in repairs.

In positive news, if i choose to get a 2004 Prius -- and it seems highly likely i will -- i'll be able to get one at MSRP, without any exorbitant dealer markup. Considering MSRP is only about $1000 over invoice, that's excellent. Also, since i'd end up ordering my car in advance of its October release, i'd get to decide what options i want (and don't want) more precisely.

All the reviews on the 2004 Prius are very positive. So much so that i'd be willing to buy one without test driving it (though i'll try a 2003). Then again, all the reviews were glowing on my Passat when i bought it...

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