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Anyone wanna buy my Passat for $23K?

Yay, i finally found someone willing to take my money for a 2004 Prius. I ended up calling every Toyota dealer in Houston. Most of them said they couldn't order the car yet. A couple said they could, but the salesperson sounded extremely ignorant so i doubted he knew what he was talking about. I also acquired the best quotes from everyone. Some said straight MSRP. A couple said that they'd have to go straight MSRP on the car, but would give me dealer invoice on my options1 (since, as i explained it, by giving me the options at invoice it wouldn't be costing them anything over selling me a car with no options, and they'd be selling me the car that i want).

What i found odd was that he said that i was the first pre-order for Joe Myers Toyota. Most dealerships have several already. One in California has over 100. This isn't a low volume dealership and they offered me the lowest price of anyone in Houston, so i don't know what's going on. Hopefully, that's a good thing and i'll get the car by the end of the year.

1 Rear window wiper, Driver & passenger- side and curtain airbags, Smart Entry and Start system. The Smart-Entry and Smart-Start system is cute. You never take the key fob out of your pocket. Instead, the car detects that it's in your pocket, unlocks the door when you try to open it, then starts at a press of a button. As a lazy bastard, i like this not having to reach into my pocket and finding a key.
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