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This past weekend might be marginally interesting to you people, so i reckon i oughtta post about it. The charming tooaquarius flew down from Calgary to Houston so that we could drive up to Little Rock together for the $1000 Settlers of Catan Tournament. I know Miss Aquarius from playing that highly addictive board game online and i thought the tournament was a fine way to allow several of us online-types to meet in person. That it was. All the online people were uniformly excellent. Most of the non-online people were cool as well (albeit in a geeky kind of way).

The main disappointment of the weekend was the tourney finals. Catan is a game of competitive cooperation in which you can trade resources to your mutual benefit. Usually, this works out fairly well, however a married couple made the finals together. They each acquired the majority one of the two rare resources and traded them back and forth. That meant that the other two people were effectively screwed. The tourney director vetoed one of their trades, but there was really nothing he could do. Thus, i ended up with third place after doing exceptionially well in the earlier rounds.

However, the main point of the trip was to spend quality time with those online people and in that it was quite successful.

One thing that wasn't successful was when tooaquarius and i stopped by the intersection of FM 1314 and Hwy 59 last Friday to allow her to meet SOB. He didn't show. Who knows how much that one morning lost might hurt book sales...
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