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My Prius is coming! My Prius is coming!

I got an e-mail last night saying that my car was due in port on the 18th. He estimated the dealership will get it on the 20th.

It looks like the car will be in "Millenium Silver," not the gold that i had mentioned earlier. That's fine since i don't care much about color, only its juicy, juicy insides. Mmm.

Now i need to get the Passat already for selling, which involves getting the MiniDisc Player switched out for the original stereo, getting the car washed thoroughly or possibly detailed, and getting it appraised at a lot of CarMax-type places. It's supposed to rain a bit around here over the next week, which could cause complications. That means i have stuff to do this weekend aside from yelling at deaf kids, so that's good as some earlier plans have been foiled.

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