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I have purchased and taken possession of my Prius. It's all nice and pretty and Priusy. This is something of a relief considering the crap i've gone through recently. Among other things, the Check Engine light of the Passat had been on ever since the turbo was replaced 2.5 weeks ago. I figured those things were related. Nope. The massair flow meter needed to be replaced at a cost of $667. Ugh. The parts come to $447.35. I told the mechanic, no, that's okay, i'm selling this damn thing anyway and got it appraised with the Check Engine light on. I gave copies of the repair appraisal to the people valuing my car, so they'd know what the Check Engine light meant. Conveniently, the Toyota dealer offered the highest price on the Passat ($3500), which meant that i didn't need to carlessly go through the hassle of transporting myself from the used car place to the Toyota dealer to pick up the Prius. Also, if something fell through on the Prius deal, i'd still have a car.

Discover Card unauthorized my credit card yesterday, because they thought someone might have stolen it and bought car insurance with it in addition to $5K to Joe Myers Toyota (down payment). Hee. I'm sure lots of stolen credit cards are used to buy auto insurance. Anyway, i just had to call them up to confirm that, yes, i had made those purchases and that, yes, i am me.


In non-car news, i did the Special Olympics Area Bowling Tournament this past weekend. Nothing too notable happened. One of the female athletes asked if i had a girlfriend. I answered honestly, "no." She expressed surprise. You see, special people think i'm funny for some reason. Actually, lots of reasons.

I don't have anything else to report to you people. tooaquarius told me i had to post about my new car and i do what i'm told.

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