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This subject is false.

I haven't written at you people in almost 3 weeks, so i reckon it's time. The reason i haven't written is that i don't have anything notable to report. The PP protestors have been boring, which is good for our clients, but bad for my storytelling. I've been fairly busy at work. After several days, i finally figured out why this one computer system was failing in their lab, failing at first in our lab, and then passing. The capacitive load of the logic analyzer improved the signal integrity such that the test would work when it was connected. I won't bore you with more details, but it was good to finally hand back the system and say, "Not my department. Fix it."

Otherwise, i haven't been up to much. I've been rereading Neal Stephenson's wonderful Cryptonomicon in preparation for reading Quicksilver. I'm 680 pages into it, which is 60%. Go me. Daily, i've been pummeling various people in various versions of Settlers of Catan, but that's not exactly noteworthy or even news. punkalicia expressed interest in learning how to play. If anyone else is interested, i'm all for schooling people in the wonderment that is Catan.

So you can see why i haven't written. I have nothing to say. Allow me to retire now to plan my celebrations for tomorrow's holiday.

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