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I still haven't been invited to see devronika's house

It's been another 3 weeks so i figure i owe you people yet another update. Oh, the sacrifices i make for you people...

Obviously, i survived Xmas in Chicago with the parents. Actually, it was surprisingly pleasant. My dad didn't yell too much. The worst was when my brother brought over his X-Box (since i was getting him a game for xmas) and my dad asked me "where did [your brother] plug it in?" I told him "Ext-3," since i thought he wanted to know what input to the TV he used. He repeated the exact same question, so i gave him the same answer figuring he didn't hear me. Then he yelled, quite loudly, "Where did he plug the power in?!?" You see, it was all my fault that he can't communicate so i deserved being yelled at.

Anyway, presents went well. Usually in my family we make lists of what we want and then purchase gifts off that list so no one gets hurt. One year, my mom didn't make a list so i got her a Chia Hippo. She quickly remembered something she wanted so that i could exchange the hippo. I thought i learned her a lesson. I guess not, since neither parent came up with a list. Thus, i decided since my mom had expressed interest in wanting to see my townhouse, i thought i'd get plane tickets to fly them down to Houston for a visit. Hopefully, that will work out. Either way, my mommy was very pleased. I like pleasing my mommy.

Getting back to Houston was slightly adventurous. On Saturday, i was involuntarily bumped from my return flight. As you know, i'm a cheap bastard and would usually volunteer to get bumped to get the Free Flight Voucher. However, they were going to put bumped people on an indirect flight through Denver, which wouldn't get in until 9+ hours later. I'm cheap, but not that cheap. Not surprisingly, there weren't enough volunteers, so i was forcibly bumped, but the gate attendant weaseled me into a First Class ticket on a direct flight just 5 hours later. During that time, i filled out comment cards saying how awesome her and the other gate attendant were. I'm like that, you know?

That later flight, of course, was also overbooked and was looking for volunteers to be bumped. This time, the deal was a hotel stay, $9 in meal vouchers, a First Class ticket on an 8:15 flight Sunday morning, and the Free Flight Voucher. Since i'm a nice guy and the people who would have been forcibly bumped really looked like they needed to get on that flight, i volunteered. It wasn't me being cheap to get another Free Flight, no, i was being a nice guy. *cough*

Anyway, that all worked well except that i didn't have a change in t-shirt or boxers with me. I lounged around in the hotel room sans shirt (you're welcome for the visual) so that it would get less stinky. I eventually made it back. I could have gotten yet another FFV on the 8:15 flight, except that would involve an indirect flight through New Orleans that arrived 6.5 hours later. I passed. Aren't you proud of me?

Let's see, what other news do i have to report? The most exciting thing is that i'm getting LASIK on the 15th. This means that i have to wear glasses for about a month while my eyes adjust to non-contact wearing. I hate glasses. Then again, i hate contacts, too, which is why i'm getting my eyes zapped. Also, my friend got back to me and it looks like i'm finally going to go on that Germany trip this February i mentioned in the post above. I don't think i'll try to get bumped from that flight since there's only one direct flight from Houston to Frankfurt a day. See? Even i have limits to my miserliness.

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