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Where did sillyalix go?

Wee, LASIK is this afternoon. I'm not anxious about it, though i am quite eager to get rid of these damn glasses that i've had to wear for the past month. I'm as heavy as i've ever been, so them carving off a part of me can't hurt on the scale thing.

You'll be happy to know (maybe) that even though i'm a cheap bastard, i'm going to an expensive, renowned eye surgery guy. I know that you hear about these places that offer "$299 LASIK, now with free car wash," but i figured that my eyesight was worth paying a little extra for.

The Germany trip will be 1/24-2/3. I'll be staying in Bonn, with a side trip to Rotterdam (since i have online friends there). They're supposed to be the two most boring cities in all of Europe. I'll also likely stay a night in Amsterdam, which i understand is a little more interesting, even without chemical ingestion.

My Germany friend is currently in Houston and i've been spending time with her. We're also flying there together (10 hrs...we're a 2 in a 2-4-2 seating configuration), so she's probably going to be sick of me long before we actually get to Germany. Hence, the side trip to Holland to give her a break.

I'm bringing Quicksilver with me which should keep me occupied for a bit. My friend is telling me i have to read Harry Potter, too, though i'm much less excited about that. The longest flight i remember is Houston to Portland, so this shall be an experience.

I'm boring even myself with this entry, so i'll stop now.

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