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I'm still liking the Tivo

I got back from my Germany trip on Tuesday, but i'm not getting around to posting an entry until now because i was going to prepare my pictures, only to find that most of my pictures aren't worth seeing. There was one kick-ass picture that i tried to take of 9 or 10 Japanese guys taking pictures simultaneously, but by the time i got my camera out there were only 3 left. Dammit.

Anyway, there was only one fatality on my trip. Some guy jumped in front of the bullet train i was on outside of Cologne. 180+ MPH train vs. fleshbag. Train won. It only took the police 35 minutes to mop him up with a sponge as this method of suicide apparently happens a lot.

Aside from Bonn, i took a side trip to Füssen, Germany in addition to my trip to Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I went to Füssen because Beth and Bart (the people i stayed with) insisted that it was awesome. It was kinda interesting since that's where Neuschwanstein Castle is, Mad King Ludwig's most famous castle that he built in the late 19th century. You know, cuz he was mad. Stayed in a hostel while i was there and couldn't sleep at all, despite having a 6-person dorm room to myself. Some guy popped his head into the room around 1am and started prattling at me in German. I waved/crossed my arms and said, "Nein Deutsch," and he left. I wonder if he thought i meant "No Germans" instead of "I don't speak German"...

Amsterdam was neat, but i suffered from massive shin splints while there. I don't think that walking 6+ miles on their cobblestones probably helped matters. I stayed at the Amstel Botel, which just struck me as too ludicrous not to try. They had a channel that had porn on 24/7. Ah, Holland. Speaking of which, i only walked through the Red Light District during the day and not at night as my legs were in too much pain to go out again. It was sufficiently depressing during the day to see the women and, more often, girls standing in the windows proffering themselves. No, i didn't take pictures because i didn't want to be included in the fatality count.

Otherwise, everything was nifty and i had a good experience for my first trip outside of North America. Beth and Bart are now engaged, so i may be heading back to Amsterdam this summer for their wedding. This would be good since i have way too many unspent Euros and i refuse to pay the ~10% commission to exchange them...proof that i'm still the same ken that you all know and love...or at least tolerate.

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