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I'm actually hosting a viewing of this tonight *and* cooking dinner...

Despite Trump's involvement, i've found myself watching The Apprentice on Thursday nights (9 pm (ET)), which i find to be sort of an ersatz The Amazing Race. This came about because Miss Alli is recapping it for Television Without Pity and i read her recaps whether i watch the show or not. Miss Alli liked the show, so i finally watched in episode and got hooked.

The point of this post is that all of you people need to read her most recent recap as it's just excellent writing. It's okay that you don't know the characters. All you need to know to appreciate it is that Assorama is a delusional bitch. After you're done, you should go back and read the recaps from the beginning. Like The Amazing Race recaps, they're well worth reading without ever watching the show.

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