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How does one pass strings as return values in Linux scripts?

I owe you people another update even though i have nothing update worthy for you. I just paid $49.95 to have a HDTV cable box installed, when i was perfectly capable of installing it myself. Time Warner required me to pay if i wanted to make my TV all pretty. In fact, i ended up installing it myself because the installer thought that the cable box had two Audio Outs, when in fact it didn't. FYI, Audio In != Audio Out. After calling to complain, i was sent to one of Time Warner's retail outlets to possibly switch out the cable box for one that did have two Audio Outs. Turned out that i got the only HDTV box that they carry. The retail outlet had no phone number and was 10 miles away. Argh.

I was more successful whining at work. I complained that we couldn't name a charity as a Beneficiary for our 401(k). I bitched that it wouldn't cost them anything to allow that and they fixed it. Before February, my dad had been listed as Beneficiary on everything, but i figure that he didn't need to profit from my death quite so much. Now PP and a couple friends will (in addition to him).

Currently, i'm investigating synthetic motor oils for my oil change this afternoon. Wee.
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